In 2021 I spent a month at Merz in Sanquhar, Scotland. During this residency, I made four large charcoal drawing collages and some collaged three dimensional models. I had made models before, but not for years and this was something I wanted to get back to. Using cardboard boxes, photocopies of fabric, torn up paintings and monoprints, I created three dimensional dioramas. The sense of theatre appealed to me. I think the shallow space and changes of perspective and scale will influence my paintings.

Later in 2021, I took part in Byre, a site-specific exhibition in a barn in Northumberland. As well as showing drawings, I created sculptures out of bark, which I coated in home-made gesso and drew on with silverpoint. In keeping with the references to milk and hay, I exhibited them on various milking stools. 

Olivia Irvine, Cave Sculpture