I put together the charcoal drawings from around the Bothy, the  Euchan Water and some older drawings to make two large collages. I had worked out beforehand where things would go, but made some changes as I went along. The idea of collaging time is interesting. Although I am not from the area, some things here remind me of things from my past. I think it might have something to do with shape relationships and how these activate emotions.

When we go about our day, we spend time thinking about the past, planning for the future and noticing the present – so time is all mixed up. I have reflected this by adding some old drawings to the collages, including some figures, and putting together the current ones in ways that don’t make total sense. The drawings on the residency were done over a two week period, but took just a few hours to collage.

Thanks to Creative Scotland for awarding me a Vacma Bursary to support this residency and to Dave Rushton for editing the video.