Olivia irvine, Live Painting at Edinburgh Art Fair

During the Edinburgh Art Fair in November 2015 I took part in a live painting event to raise funds for Art in Healthcare. For a small contribution, members of the public were invited to do a drawing of something that would go into The Art in Healthcare Garden; this could be a flower, a bird, a shed or anything else that could be imagined in a garden. One of the most original drawings was of a cubist- style sculpture of a reclining gardener.

Children and adults took part. Many were keen to try their hand at drawing, but some felt that drawing was just not their thing. It all comes down to confidence, I suppose. I think it is a shame that so many adults seem to have a complex about putting pencil to paper.

My task was to put everything into the painting and to render it in the style it was drawn. I chose where to put the images and what colours to use. The boards, brushes and acrylic paints were kindly donated by Great Art. It was quite a challenge and I had to work fast. Usually, a particular drawing would give me an idea for the theme of the garden; a sunset, a lit up glasshouse, a garden gnome. Inevitably, the paintings took on a childlike charm, yet the strong colours and black outlines gave them a graphic quality.

I completed four paintings in two days and an evening. I was pretty exhausted afterwards. One thing I found out is that I find it hard to talk and paint at the same time!

The four paintings will be sold to raise funds. Art in Healthcare is a charity providing creative learning experiences within care environments as well as lending and renting artworks from their collection to healthcare facilities.

Olivia irvine, Live Painting at Edinburgh Art Fair